A smart headband

French health-tech start-up URGOTECH announced the final features and commercial availability of its groundbreaking device -URGOnight at CES 2020. The wearable device consists of an electroencephalography (EEG) headband and a smartphone app that people can use to train their brains to sleep better.

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Leveraging neurofeedback therapy, it is the world’s first daytime sleep training system that trains the brain to produce the brainwaves clinically associated with sleep. Neurofeedback is used to treat and manage conditions such as sleep, ADHD, improve critical thinking, athletic capabilities and even musical performances.

URGOnight provides the 70 million Americans that have issues falling and staying asleep with a clinical proven, drug-free and super fun way to naturally improve the quality and duration of sleep. Comprised of a wearable Electro encephalogram (EEG)-headband and app, it helps people naturally learn to increase the brainwaves that impact sleep, using technology that has been clinically proven to help people to fall asleep 40% faster and cut nighttime interruptions by half, reports URGOnight.

Here’s How It Works

The adjustable headband is worn and used during the day, rather than at night. It uses sophisticated sensors to measure brainwave activity. It is placed above the sensorimotor cortex of the user’s brain to capture readings and is protected against ambient noise and interference to ensure accuracy with the cables on its electronic board shielded to French Office of the Atomic and Alternative Energies standards.

A smart headband
Image: URGOnight

The system is designed to be used 20 minutes a day, three times a week. People place the headband comfortably over their head and connect it to the dedicated iOS and Android app. Within the app, users can see their brainwaves in real-time before they start the dedicated 20-minutebraintraining exercises.

The sleep training programs consist of playful exercises inspired by various themes. Within the games, users’ areas signed tasks (that are triggered when SMR waves are produced) and see their results, scores and in real-time. There are several themes to choose from with tasks ranging from growing leaves on trees, herding jellyfish and drawing relaxing patterns.

The app also allows users to access stats and achievements and share successes and progresses on social media. A virtual coach in the app guides them throughout their journey, explaining the exercises and providing advice on improving scores.

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“Just as you can train your body to run faster, jump higher, swim further or become more flexible, clinical studies have shown neurofeedback therapy can help people learn how to improve the quality of their sleep,” said Guirec Le Lous, Founder of URGOTECH, the company behind URGONight. “The technology has been used in clinical sleep centers around the world for decades and now with URGOnight, we are making it more fun and accessible and conveniently usable in the comfort of the home.”

The company said the product will be available inQ2, 2020, for a price of $500.


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