Watches have always been everyone favorite. But smart watches are something which is the most recent trend going on this world. Smart watches are basically a band with many different functions that you can tie on the wrist of your hand. Smart watches are of touch screen and is being used for many purposes. Now a day’s watches are not only used to see time but also there are smartwatch you can text on that is reply to the messages or mails, there are watches with speakers also on which you call and speak or listen to music. they also have features like GPS navigation, tracking heart rate, tracking steps, and many more in built functions.

Apple watch series 5

Apple watch series are one of the best among all other brands but is a little expensive. This series of apple watch has a larger screen, unique design and a lot more of fitness features and one of them is about the “smartwatch you can text on”.

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Fossil Smart watches

Fossil Smart watches also comes under one of the best brands for smart watches. They have an amazing design with round dial. They have a touch screen dial and have excellent features. The smart watches of fossil are very light in weight and easy to use.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch

This galaxy watch of smartphones is also one of the best smart watches we have. This smart watch has a good battery life compared to apple watches. They have unique design and is of rotating bezel.  This smart watch also amazing and many fitness features.

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Wonbo Kids Smart Watch

Smart watches are only in trend among the adults but also very popular among the kids too. This smart watch for kids has many built in features such as GPS tracker, fitness tracker, SMS, and can connect to both IOS and android. They also have many apps and games.

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In these few years smart watches have been every one’s favorite. Smart watches are a little expensive but definitely worth it. The technology and the feature present in these watches are just amazing. They are very useful as you can track your steps for a day, know about the heart rate and GPS tracker which is one of the best options that is the there in the kids watches as you can come to know about where they are and where are they going. The range of these smart watches are around 10,000 INR and can go around 60,000 depending on the features, design and brand. We hope you have found this article helpful and informative. For any further quires you can contact us by filling up the contact form.

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